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Maurice Clarett Posts Supportive Message For Buck-I-Guy

ohio state "superfan" buck-i-guy drives around ohio state

Buck-I-Guy is one of the most noticeable Ohio State fans. He is also one of the most maligned.

The flashy OSU die-hard, known for his costume getup, has been called "an embarrassment" in the past by a former player, and last week he drew the ire of many ex-Buckeyes and fans with his behavior during former coach Earle Bruce's memorial service.

There has even been a petition created to ban Buck-I-Guy from all university events. He's not well-liked right now in the Buckeye community.

However, at least one ex-Ohio State star has Buck-I-Guy's back. He's a pretty big name too: Maurice Clarett.

Clarett posted a heartfelt message of support on his Instagram today, citing Buck-I-Guy's generosity and concern when the former OSU running back was going through a troubled time.

Nothing but love for my favorite fan. He has a ton of pride and represents hard for OSU. I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t Buckeye crazy. I also remember the human side of him when he dropped me off under clothes and money in prison when I didn’t have any. He supported me when most people talked down on me. Hold your head up champ. Still have a fan and friend in me!!

It is pretty clear Buck-I-Guy has a had a sizable personal effect on Clarett.

This won't change a lot of people's opinions on Buck-I-Guy, but good for Clarett for speaking his mind. There are some people commenting on the post who feel the same way as well.