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Michael Thomas Taunts Michigan After Ohio State Receives Gold Pants For Third Year In A Row

Since 1934, a year in which Ohio State knocked off rival Michigan 34-0, Buckeyes players have been gifted a "gold pants" trinket in years that they defeat the Wolverines. This past season, OSU, which eventually won the national title, took down Michigan 42-28 in Columbus. It was the third year in a row that Ohio State defeated its rival.

For junior wideout Michael Thomas, that means that all three seasons he's been on campus, the team has taken down its rival. Tuesday, he posted a photo of his most recent gold pants charm, commenting that in his LOI, it should have read "you will win a pair of gold pants every season you play at tOSU."

">April 14, 2015

Thomas still has two years of eligibility left, so the Buckeyes will have to notch two more wins to make his statement true. Either way, for the moment, it's a strong troll job.