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Michigan St QB Connor Cook Blasts OSU TE Jeff Heuerman For Tweet, Then Backs Off

Earlier Wednesday morning, Ohio State senior tight end Jeff Heuerman tweeted what appeared to be a light-hearted joke about going to the grocery store on Christmas Eve. 

The trek to get some food at his local store was a more physically strenuous act than the Buckeyes' games against Michigan State, Heuerman tweeted

">December 24, 2014

Michigan State senior quarterback Connor Cook initially did not take kindly to this tweet. 

Cook's blasting of Heuerman was misguided, though, as he clearly misinterpreted the tweet. 

Heuerman responded, saying the Michigan State games are the most physical games he's ever played in. "Not taking shots," he tweeted and later deleted. 

Cook responded with a tweet he would also later delete. "My b," the MSU senior QB said. 

And that, boys and girls, is why you should always think for a couple seconds before hitting that "Tweet" button.