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Update: Man Dies After Mirror Lake Jump

A man is interviewed about Mirror Lake jump.

mirror lake jump shut down after cardiac arest

Update: According to The Columbus Dispatch, the unidentified man has died after suffering from cardiac arrest. Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by this tragedy.

">November 25, 2015

Earlier: Every year, on the Tuesday night ahead of the Michigan game, Ohio State students jump into Mirror Lake on campus to celebrate the rivalry. This time around, the festivities were cut a bit short. According to OSU student newspaper The Lantern, the jump was ended at 12:20 AM after emergency responders had to rush an unidentified man to the Wexner Medical Center. According to The Columbus Dispatch, the man was suffering from cardiac arrest.

It was reported by Director of Public Safety Vernon Baisden at 4:45 AM that the man is currently in critical condition. Here's video, via The Lantern:

We'll update this post as more information as it becomes available.