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New Ohio State Assistant Larry Johnson Says He Might Donate All Of His Penn State Gear To The Salvation Army

Nice gesture.

Former Penn State defensive line coach Larry Johnson is adjusting quite nicely to his new role with the Ohio State Buckeyes -- last month, he was hired by OSU to be the school's defensive line and assistant head coach. Since then, he has already been out on the recruiting trail with Urban Meyer, and his PSU days are being put behind him. Not only did he coach there for many years, but he also had two sons, Larry Jr. and Tony, play for the Nittany Lions.

Recently he sat down to talk with Sports Illustrated about the move and among other things, he said that he's going to have to get rid of all of his Penn State gear, possibly by giving it all to the Salvation Army: You were at Penn State for almost 20 years. What will you do with all that gear?

Johnson: I've got a whole closet full of Penn State stuff to find something to do with. (Laughs.) We'll find a way to move it, maybe the Salvation Army. When do you get used to putting on Ohio State gear after so many years at Penn State?

Johnson: You have to move on, and that's where I am right now. I had some great memories and great times in my years at Penn State. It's a new challenge and new adventure for me at this time in my career. Coach Meyer has been outstanding in the sense of me being here and supporting me. I've got on the red and look forward to wearing it moving forward.

Of course, Johnson has a million fond memories of his time at Penn State, and his Salvation Army comment was definitely more a suggestion of goodwill than one of animosity -- not to mention, it's definitely a great thing to do if he indeed is going to get rid of his PSU belongings. Still, it's pretty amusing to think that he doesn't want to just keep all of the Penn State gear he has.

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