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NFL Scout Calls Cardale Jones "A Poor Man's JaMarcus Russell"

One NFL scout found maybe the most insulting descriptor you can give to a potential quarterback draftee. 

Journal-Sentinel writer Bob McGinn spoke to unnamed NFL scouts, one of whom is not a fan of Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones. At all. 

 "Kind of reminds me of a poor man's JaMarcus Russell," said another scout. "At least JaMarcus had some touch. This guy just throws the ball. His mechanics are all over the place."

Russell, a former No. 1 pick for the Oakland Raiders out of LSU, had a similar build as Russell, and the two both have cannons for arms. Of course, Russell had the pressure of being a franchise quarterback right away, while everyone is aware that Jones is a project heading into the draft.

Another scout interviewed by McGinn questioned Jones' mental makeup.

 "Strong arm. Big, big body. Not the brightest cookie in the world. I worry about him when he gets money in his pocket. I just don't know if it's all there mentally."

Head coach Urban Meyer doesn't agree with that assessment at all.

">April 20, 2016

Jones is likely a mid-round pick, and should be allowed to develop behind an established starter, something that probably would've paid dividends for Russell. Jones may or may not pan out in the pros, but he won't be nearly the investment that Russell was for Oakland.

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