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Ohio State AD Has Bold Idea For College Football Playoff

Ohio State football athletic director Gene Smith at a press conference about college football coach Urban Meyer.

COLUMBUS, OH - DECEMBER 04: Ohio State University athletics director Gene Smith listens during a press conference at Ohio State University on December 4, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. At the press conference head coach Urban Meyer announced his retirement and offensive coordinator Ryan Day was announced as the next head coach. Meyer will continue to coach until after the Ohio State Buckeyes play in the Rose Bowl. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

As the NCAA continues to reconcile with NIL turning college football into a bidding war for top prospects, some colleges are starting to wonder why they can't manage themselves. 

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith suggested as much in a recent interview. Speaking at the recent Big Ten spring meetings, Smith proposed moving college football out of the NCAA and under the College Football Playoff umbrella. 

Smith said that in his ideal system, the 10 college football conferences can create their own rules and enforce it on their terms. The NCAA can keep on doing what they do with other sports.

"We [can] create our own rules, create our own governance structure, have our own enforcement, we have our own requirements, whatever that might be," Smith said, via ESPN. " ...That might be in the medical space, for example, if a student-athlete is injured and hurt in his or her senior year. You take care of them when they're done until they're healed. And we have the funding in place to do that. You don't touch anything else with the NCAA. You keep the academic requirements in place. The reality is, those schools who offer 85 scholarships in football have made a different commitment and that needs to be addressed."

The college sports landscape is undergoing a rapid change thanks to NIL deals. College athletes can now openly accept sponsorship deals for their likeness - a big no-no in the NCAA for decades prior.

College football has always been a different animal from every other college sport. Perhaps it is finally time for the NCAA to give up some control over the process.

But it may be years before such a thing comes to pass. 

Would you be in favor of college football having a new umbrella organization?