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Ohio State And Michigan Donning Alternate Uniforms Tonight

Hamburger topping time!

Well it looks like the Buckeyes and Wolverines have decided to play dress up tonight (or rather, Nike and Adidas strongly suggested it).

In case you missed the news, Ohio State will be wearing new uniforms tonight for its game against Michigan. The kit is part of Nike's Hyper Elite series that some teams have already sported this season. The biggest differences on these jerseys are the inclusion of the word "Buckeyes" on the name plate and the Ohio State logo on the front.

The Bucks have been planning on wearing these against Michigan for a while, but the timing is rather ironic considering a new version of the school's logo was unveiled yesterday. With fan response to the new logo already so poor, it will be interesting to see if the school decides to stick with the new design.

For those scoring at home, these will be the fourth different uniform worn by the Buckeyes this season.

Michigan's uniforms are a head-to-toe yellow set, mirroring their traditional "Maize Out" at home, and following in the footsteps of other Adidas teams this year with the monochrome look. 

You might want to catch this game on the radio if the ketchup vs. mustard matchup is too much for your eyes.