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Boat Brawl Between Ohio State And Michigan Fans Leads To Two Arrests

We all knew the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry was a passionate one. In fact, some fans take the Border Battle so seriously, they're willing to engage in fisticuffs with fans of their rival while on a boat trip.

A fight between OSU and Michigan fans on the Lake Express --a ferry service that runs from Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island to the Ohio mainland--led to two arrests Sunday morning. ABC 13 in Toledo has the juicy details.

Around 1:45 Sunday morning Port Clinton police arrested a couple from Oregon. They’re accused of assault on the Jet Express as the boat was headed to the dock.

The fight between 25-year-old Ashley Artiaga, 31-year-old Ian Schuster, and complete strangers on the top deck allegedly began because of an argument over Michigan-Ohio State football.

"They were arguing, cursing at each other,” says Ben Freeman, a witness from Cincinnati who was in town for a fishing trip. “As the argument went on, the Michigan fan's girlfriend stood up, pulled the hair of the Ohio State's fan's girlfriend … the wife, actually. He tried to defend his wife by shoving the Michigan fan's girlfriend. The Michigan fan stood up and tried to defend his girlfriend. And after that they mutually started to fist fight and swing on each other. It was crazy.”

Judging by the eyewitness testimony citing the female UM fan as the aggressor, and the fact Artiaga was arrested, it's reasonable to assume she and her man are the two Michigan fans.

Please note, the Oregon mentioned in the ABC report is Oregon, Ohio, a Toledo suburb, not the state in the Pacific Northwest.

This entire incident seems surreal. For some more background info on Artiaga and Schuster, as well as official arrest records, check out Busted Coverage.