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Ohio State Apparel Stores Expecting Sales Of Braxton Miller's No. 5 Jersey To Take A Major Hit

Walk into any Ohio State apparel store in Columbus and you're likely to see an incredible amount of scarlet and white No. 5 jerseys. Those jerseys, despite what the NCAA or the school will say, are based on senior quarterback Braxton Miller, who wears No. 5. Due to Miller's season-ending shoulder injury, though, Buckeye shops are expecting sales of their No. 5 uniform to take a major hit. 

A report by the Columbus Dispatch details the worries of the store owners. 

">August 21, 2014

According to the report, one Columbus store, College Traditions, located just off Ohio State's campus, has about 1,000 No. 5 jerseys in stock that retail for between $90 and $140. Kelly Dawes, the owner of the store, does not expect to be able to sell the majority of them. 

“People want the numbers that are on the field, typically,” Dawes told the Dispatch. “We felt it. Everybody who came in yesterday, they were all taking about (Miller's injury)."

What should these stores do? One possible option is to play up five-star freshman linebacker Raekwon McMillan, who also wears the No. 5. If the freshman doesn't see major time on the field, though, that'd be a tough sell. 

Dawes is hoping that Nike can come up with a No. 16 (redshirt freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett) or No. 97 (sophomore defensive end Joey Bosa) jersey that she can sell. Barrett will likely be the starter at quarterback; Bosa is probably Ohio State's best player. 

“We spoke with Nike yesterday about maybe coming out with No. 97 or No. 16,” Dawes told the Dispatch. “ Whether they can get that done in time, I don’t know.”

Miller said he plans on coming back for the 2015 season. If that happens, store owners should be able to just hold on to the uniforms and wait to sell them until next year. 

“We’ll sit on them,” Dawes told the Dispatch. “Hopefully, they’ll redshirt him this year, and he’ll be back next year.”

Ohio State fans, what Buckeye jersey will you be wearing this season? 

Ohio State opens its 2014 season Aug. 30 against Navy in Columbus. 

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