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Video: Ohio State Coaches And Players Compete In Punt-Catch Challenge

Watch Ohio State's coaches and players face off in a little Friday afternoon competition as they catch some punts.

It's Friday afternoon, and I know you don't want to do anything productive with the weekend just moments away, so take a load off and watch Ohio State's coaches and players engage in a little friendly competition. Basically, it's the Buckeyes' linemen versus their staffers in a game of "who can catch more punts." It's great.

Check it out:

Look at head coach Urban Meyer at the beginning of the video. I've never seen that man smile! He looks like he's actually enjoying himself, and enjoying himself is something he's has had difficulty doing in the past. Maybe this is a new, ultra-relaxed version of Meyer, whatever that is. After all, the team seems to be having fun, and with the Fiesta Bowl two weeks away, it's imperative they find ways to let out some of the nervous energy in the meantime.

And while the players got the win, I don't think we'll see any of those linemen catching punts in-game anytime soon.