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Ohio State Coach Zach Smith Thinks LaVar Ball Stole Team's "Zone 6" Wide Receivers Logo

LaVar Ball unveiled his "Big Baller Brand" shoes on Thursday, and it doesn't look like the absurd price ($495) is the only thing upsetting some people. Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith seems to think that Ball stole his "Zone 6" logo. "Zone 6" is the nickname for Ohio State's wide receiving corps.

Here's a side-by-side comparison. The Z part is essentially the same.

As noted, Smith, who is very active on Twitter, went in on Ball.

Smith even changed his Twitter profile to add a new occupation.

Ball has made a lot of enemies the past few months, and it looks like he probably has a few more in Columbus, Ohio now. As for the validity of Smith's claim - that's up for debate. The two logos certainly are similar, but they aren't identical. It'll be interesting to see if Ball addresses the situation.