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Ohio State Commit Terrell Hall Trashes Maryland For Passing On Him

Four-star defensive end Terrell Hall, who hails from Washington D.C., is headed to Columbus, Ohio in 2016 to play for the Buckeyes. But apparently, if Maryland had played its cards right, it'd have had a decent shot at landing the 6-foot-5, 250-pound star. Hall took to Twitter earlier this week to trash the Terrapins for passing on him when he was a sophomore. He claims that he liked the idea of playing at Maryland, but believes the Terrapins didn't pay enough attention to him.

He also poked fun at fans who think that because Maryland has gotten "a couple" of commits from big-time players, it's going to dominate the Big Ten.

Hall did visit Maryland at least once, and he did receive an offer from the Terrapins. But it's fairly clear that it was too little, too late - at least in his mind.