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Ohio State Fans Were Brutal To Bradley Roby For Not Playing, He Responds: "Ashamed To Even Have Played For Y'all"

Things got ugly.
Bradley Roby interviewed during the super bowl media days.

Bradley Roby

Losing is not fun for anyone involved, but it's always sad to see it bring out the absolute worst in people. Tonight, the Ohio State Buckeyes lost to Clemson in an Orange Bowl Shootout, 40-35 at Sun Life Stadium, and of course, OSU fans were devastated. Quarterback Braxton Miller admitted that he was scared to see how they would react to him after he threw the game-sealing interception, saying the first thought that crossed through his mind after it was "everyone is going to hate me."

One player who already has been seeing some vicious reactions is Bradley Roby, the star defensive back who missed the game because of injury. He had been rehabbing hard for weeks trying to get himself game-ready, but ultimately his body wouldn't allow him to join his teammates on the field. But many fans took to Twitter to send hateful messages to Roby questioning his heart and insinuating he sat to protect his NFL Draft stock, as if he didn't want to help his team (Note: we only included PG-rated tweets):

Roby was fed up with seeing the tweets in his feed, and responded to fans after the game, indicating that he was "ashamed" to play for some of them:

It's hard to fault Roby for feeling the way he does -- we've seen fans cross the line time and time again by going after players on Twitter, forgetting that these are young men who give their heart and soul to the teams and programs that they play for, and that they really do try their best to succeed. It's sad to see an athlete become a victim of the people that are supposed to be his biggest supporters, and once again, this needs to stop. After all, football is ultimately just a game.