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Video: Ohio State Freshmen Learn School Fight Song

You probably know the Ohio State fight song if you're big college football fan. The Buckeyes have two official fight songs, the oldest of which, "Across The Field," is very recognizable.

This afternoon, OSU head coach Urban Meyer posted a video of this year's freshmen learning to sing "Across The Field."

">August 13, 2016

Not too bad. They will hear that song so much over their four years in Columbus, they'll be able to sing it in their sleep.

If you want to learn to sing Ohio State's oldest fight song, here are lyrics.

Fight the team across the field
Show them Ohio's here
(We've got the team why don't we)
Set the Earth reverberating
With a mighty cheer
Hit them hard and see how they fall
Never let that team get the ball
Hail! Hail! The gang's all here
So let's win that old conference now!
(So let's beat that Michigan now!)
(Oh, Ohio! Oh, Ohio! Wahoo! Wahoo for Ohio!)
[Repeat all lines, except the last line]

The Buckeyes are in the middle of training camp now, but open up the season on Sept.3 against Bowling Green.