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Ohio State Is The Most Likely Team To Go Undefeated This Season, Per ESPN's FPI

The Ohio State Buckeyes have a 32.8 percent chance of going undefeated this upcoming football season, per ESPN's FPI.

Once again, the Ohio State Buckeyes find themselves in the hunt for a national championship, and even though spring practice hasn't wrapped up yet, we can still look forward to the upcoming season because let's be real—football never ever stops.

Today, ESPN released its updated Football Power Index (FPI) rankings, and Ohio State sits at No. 1 i n the preseason. That's not really all that impressive though. What is impressive, however, is that the FPI ranking system gives the Buckeyes a 32.8 percent chance of not losing a single game. For reference, the next closest team is Alabama, and the FPI ranking gives the Crimson Tide just a 9.1 percent chance of going undefeated.

That's pretty crazy, especially when you consider how good teams like Oklahoma and Florida State will be next year. Now obviously, part of it has to do with strength of schedule, and Ohio State has the No. 52 ranked strength of schedule compared to Alabama at No. 10, but still the Buckeyes are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone everyone else in that particular statistic.

Are they really that much better than everyone else? ESPN's FPI ranking seems to think so, but I guess we'll have to wait a few more months to find out for sure.