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Ohio State Football: Ohio State's Cardale Jones Mocks Women Sports Fans On Twitter, Claims He Was Hacked

Cardale Jones posts seeral tweets about women and sports.

Cardale Jones Women Sports Fans 4

Twitter hasn't been the best place for Cardale Jones. There was, of course, the "I didn't come here to play school" incident a couple years ago. There has also been the trolling of Joakim Noah and the transferring to Akron prank that upset some of his fans. 

Then, last night, the Ohio State national champion-winning quarterback appeared to mock women sports fans during the NBA Finals. 

Jones' account tweeted the following last night:

Cardale Jones says women like sports teams mainly for their colors.


Cardale Jones mocks a woman's comment on sports.


Cardale Jones tweets about women who know sports.


Jones, though, claims he was hacked.

The "I was hacked" defense when some poor-tasting tweets are sent out is an unbelievable one in most cases, but maybe Jones is telling the truth.