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Ohio State Football: Photo: Former Ohio State Star LeCharles Bentley Uses Oregon 'O' In "O-H-I-O" While Coaching At The Opening

LeCharles Bentley was an All-American and Rimlington Award winner at Ohio State before going on to a Pro Bowl NFL career. There are few better players to teach the center position to up-and-coming stars. Bentley is working as a coach at The Opening at Oregon, and while we're sure he appreciates the hospitality, he used one of the big 'O' logos at Autzen Stadium to pull of an "O-H-I-O." 

">June 15, 2015

ESPNasked Bentley about the photo:

"Just messing around, nothing malicious," Bentley said. "It was in fun. It wasn't intended to be disrespectful. Life's too short for the 'get off my lawn' crowd."

We expect nothing less from a proud Buckeye.