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Ohio State Is Getting Crushed For This Tweet Ahead Of Penn State Game

Ohio State football's controversial "silence the white noise" graphic ahead of Penn State.

Ohio State football is 4-0, coming through Urban Meyer's suspension unscathed in terms of on-field record. There was a definite reputation hit though, with the handling of the Zach Smith scandal, including the defiance coming from the Meyer camp over the last few weeks.

Now, the Buckeyes head to Happy Valley for the season's biggest game to this point.

College GameDay will be on hand for Ohio State's game for the second time in three weeks, after the neutral site game in Arlington against TCU in Week 3.

Penn State has made this its "white out game" for the season, and likely the biggest game on the schedule at home for the Nittany Lions this season as well.

Ohio State football put out a stylized graphic ahead of the game in reference to the Penn State white out, may want this one back.

The tweet, which references "blocking out the white noise," dropped on Wednesday morning, but most have discovered it this morning.

It is pretty undoubtedly tone deaf.

Given the recent domestic violence scandal with Zach and Courtney Smith, and the culture that prevents most instances of domestic and sexual violence from being reported, "silence the noise" might not be the best message. Throw in the silence on the part of Meyer, and whomever else was aware of violence going on within that marriage, and this whole thing is just very, very poorly thought out.

Now, obviously a social media manager mocked this up, and probably didn't think twice about the ways it might be taken, but someone senior has to see this and realize it is a horrible message to send, especially from that program right now.