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Ohio State Football Staffer Has Blunt Message For Big Ten

Ohio State football balls

LINCOLN, NE - OCTOBER 14: Footballs for the Ohio State Buckeyes before the game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on October 14, 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

Whether Ohio State football voted for the Big Ten to cancel the season or not, it's clear that the Buckeyes players and coaches are against it.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Ohio State director of player personnel Mark Pantoni had a message for the Big Ten. He called on the Big Ten to gives some answers about the litany of controversies surrounding the decision.

"I’m not a PR expert... BUT it seems silence isn’t the best course of action right now," Pantoni wrote. "#WeWantAnswers#WeWantToPlay."

Pantoni isn't lacking for support at all. His comments and quoted retweets are filled with Buckeyes fans demanding answers from the Big Ten.

"Time to flush them out," one Ohio State football fan wrote. "Let’s go (B1G Commissioner Kevin Warren) stop hiding and be a stand up man. We won’t hold it against you to back track and just let them play or at least be transparent on why you shut it down."

"Thank you!!!" said another. "Ohio State needs to force the issue..."

Each new rumor and report that comes out of that controversial Big Ten vote only raises more questions. Just today, Penn State's athletic director revealed she wasn't even aware that there was a vote going on.

That and a slew of other issues, such as the actual vote among Big Ten schools, has a lot of fans calling foul.

The longer the Big Ten stays silent, the more the public resentment will grow.