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Ohio State Football: Tyvis Powell Pokes Fun At Cardale Jones For Not Throwing A First Pitch Strike

Ohio State players Tyvis Powell and Cardale Jones absolutely love ripping on each other. So when Jones was given the honor of throwing out the first pitch for the Cleveland Indians Friday night, you knew he'd have to throw a perfect strike to avoid criticism from his buddy. Jones' throw, as we showed you this morning, had some good speed, but was high.

Powell, who likes to joke that Jones is his "son", joked that he should have gotten him some pitching lessons as a kid.

">June 5, 2015


— BleedScarletandGray (@RealShaunHall)

— BleedScrltAndGrey (@RealShaunHall) June 5, 2015

">June 5, 2015

If Powell is ever given the opportunity to throw out a first pitch, expect Jones to be all over it.