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Photo: Ohio State's Robert Landers Says He Wants 5 'Gold Pants' Charms

Ohio State defensive lineman Robert Landers wants as many 'gold pants' charms as possible.

Thursday, ahead of Ohio State's big College Football Playoff contest against Clemson, defensive lineman Robert Landers was seen wearing his 'gold pants' charm he received last year after his team beat Michigan in The Game. It turns out, according to ESPN's Ted Miller, that Landers isn't satisfied with only having two of the charms so far. He wants five. That's possible since he redshirted his freshman year in 2015.

"If you beat The Team Up North as an Ohio State player you get golden pants to wear around your neck, as defensive tackle Robert Landers said. The pants have a players initials, score of the game and year. "Hopefully I'll get five of them," Landers said."

Check it out:

The pants have the player's initials, the score of the game and the year. Pretty cool, right? But a little bizarre. You're probably wondering: Where did the golden pants charm originate from, anyway?

It goes all the way back to 1934, when Francis Schmidt took over as head coach of the Buckeyes. Up to that point, Ohio State had been getting their butts whooped by Michigan, winning only six times in 30 match-ups. That's bad! But in the first year of Schmidt's tenure, the Buckeyes demolished the Wolverines, 34-0, kicking off four consecutive shutouts against Michigan.

Before the 34-0 beat down, Schmidt was being questioned by the local media about the bitter rivalry, and that's when he responded with the now famous phrase, "They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us." He's widely credited with popularizing the saying, and thus in 1934, the Golden Pants tradition was born. The phrase, suggesting that Michigan wasn't an invincible juggernaut, inspired local businessmen Simon Lazarus and Herb Levy to create what is still known as the Gold Pants Club. So from 1934 to the present day, all Buckeye players and coaches who beat Michigan are given an engraved golden pants charm to commemorate the historical importance of remaining victorious in the rivalry.