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Ohio State Is Planning On Tearing Down Adriatico's

The iconic pizza place is set to come down.

Opinions may differ on what pizza place on Ohio State's campus is best, but for me, it was always Adriatico's.

Unfortunately, the best pizza place on campus is set to come down.

Ohio State announced plans today to tear down Adriatico's, University Flower Shop and Huntington Bank on 11th Avenue. In their places will go office buildings. If plans are approved, it'll happen in September 2018.

From The Lantern:

The university announced plans on Tuesday to build an office for an optometry clinic and health science faculty located at 11th and Neil avenues. If approved, the construction of the project would demolish Adriatico’s, a popular campus pizza shop, University Flower Shop and Huntington Bank starting September 2018.

The total cost of the 93,000 square-foot office is $28 million. According to Board of Trustees documents, its funding comes from university and auxiliary funds.

University Flower Shop and Adriatico’s have long been part of campus. The flower shop has been on campus since 1932. Adriatico’s has been on campus for about thirty years.

I am not the only one outraged.

Thankfully, Adriatico's says they're working with Ohio State on having a new location.

That's good, but it's still disappointing that the original location is going away.

Ohio State has made a ton of changes to its campus in recent years and as a graduate of the school it's often tough to see.