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Ohio State Kicker Reveals What Happened On Controversial Fake Punt

Ohio State punter Jesse Mirco takes off on a fake punt against Rutgers.

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 01: Ohio State Buckeyes punter Jesse Mirco (29) runs for 22-yards and a first down on a fake punt during the fourth quarter of the college football game between the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and Ohio State Buckeyes on October 1, 2022, at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, OH. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Ohio State's blowout win over Rutgers was pretty routine save for a brief scuffle in the fourth quarter.

It happened after Buckeye punter Jesse Mirco took off on a fake with his team up 49-10 late in the game. Mirco gained 22 yards and the first down before being hit late out of bounds by Rutgers' Aron Cruickshank.

Players from both teams had to be separated, and head coaches Ryan Day and Greg Schiano also got into it. After the game, Day apologized to Schiano at midfield and said in his postgame presser that the fake was not called by the coaches.

Ohio State kicker Noah Ruggles confirmed on Twitter that Mirco decided to run on his own because of the look he saw from Rutgers.

"Rutgers sent the punt block team all out overloading one side in the 4th quarter down 39! We ain’t call no fake!" Ruggles said. "Boy saw the open field & put it in turbo. Sorry bout it my boy gonna expose ya if you let him @Jesse_Mirco29."

Ohio State was killing clock for much of the second half offensively, so it would have been shocking for the Buckeyes to have actually dialed up a fake there.

Mirco was just doing what he was taught against that type of punt block alignment, but we also don't fault Cruickshank for being a little fired up and wanting to lay a big hit on the punter, though he shouldn't have hit him out of bounds. 

This whole situation has basically been much ado about nothing.