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Ohio State LB Darron Lee Doesn't Understand Why Michigan Brags About Its Success In The 90s

Darron Lee tweets message bashing the Michigan 1990's teams.

Darron Lee Michigan Diss

It's been a while since Michigan's football program was truly elite. Since the 1990s, probably. 

Two decades ago, the Wolverines won a national championship (1997), five Big Ten championships and had a winning record (7-2) against rival Ohio State. 

Since then, they've had a couple really good seasons, but success on a national level (and against the Buckeyes) has been inconsistent at best. Ohio State sophomore linebacker Darron Lee doesn't understand why the Wolverines think they can brag about what happened 20-something years ago. 

Michigan's game against Ohio State - the first Jim Harbaugh vs. Urban Meyer meeting - is set to occur on Nov. 28. We can't wait for it.