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Watch Michigan's Dymonte Thomas Get Put In A Coffin With This Block

Dymonte Thomas hit by Ohio State player.


Ohio State's Noah Brown sent Michigan's Dymonte Thomas into another dimension with this pancake block.

Listen, I don't know how Michigan's Dymonte Thomas didn't disintegrate into a million little pieces after this jarring block from Ohio State's Noah Brown, but somehow his bones and ligaments and atoms all held together tightly enough to keep him whole. It's a miracle.

Just look at this:

That hurts me to watch. When I saw it live I gasped aloud like I had witnessed a violent car crash, and like a car crash, I couldn't look away. The worst part about it, is that you can tell he sees it coming at the last second. He knew he was about to get his body forcefully displaced, and he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

Unfortunately, Thomas' sacrifice was all for naught. Though the Buckeyes didn't score on that particular drive, they won the game, 30-27 in double overtime.