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Ohio State RB Mike Weber Announces Jersey Number Change

As one of Ohio State's 16 new starters, redshirt freshman Mike Weber has big shoes to fill.

Set to replace Ezekiel Elliott on the gridiron, Mike Weber excelled in the first half of last season's fall camp. He thoroughly proved why he was a consensus 4-star blue chip in the 2015 recruiting class. Though he was set to succeed, Weber suffered a torn meniscus in his knee that required season-ending surgery - not due to his health, but because Elliot proved he needed no backup. For his debut season, Weber is changing his look and creating a new image of himself for fans looking to compare him to his predecessor. How's he pulling it off? With a personally significant homage to his high school success.

The Detroit native will don the number 25 jersey instead of the 20, in honor of his high school career.

He revealed his new jersey today on Twitter.

What do you think of the jersey change? Do you think Weber will have a standout first-year performance?