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This Ohio Poll Shows People Legitimately Think The Buckeyes Would Beat The Browns

Some think the Ohio State Buckeyes - yes, the college football team - would beat the Cleveland Browns - yes, the NFL team - if they took on one another.

This Public Policy Polling’s survey of Ohio shows that 62% of voters think the Buckeyes would beat the Browns in a game. Sixty-two percent of voters think a college football team would beat a professional football team full of grown men.

Only 23% of voters picked the Browns in the hypothetical matchup.

There is a lot of NFL caliber talent on the Ohio State roster, sure, but the Browns are an actual NFL team. Every player on their team is NFL caliber, obviously. It doesn't matter if they are 0-4.

This isn't the first time we've seen this kind of hypothetical scenario. This scenario is brought up multiple times a season questioning whether a top college football team could beat arguably the worst NFL team.