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Ohio State QB Thinks Fans Booing Mark May Is Hilarious

Mark May talks before being laid off by ESPN.

Mark May on air for ESPN.

For ESPN college football analyst Mark May, there is perhaps no worse team he could be forced to cover in Monday's College Football Playoff National Championship than Ohio State. May, a notorious Buckeyes hater, has been getting booed every time he's been on air ahead of the contest. It's actually rather amusing - check it out, via Eleven Warriors:

It looks like at least one actual Buckeye is loving it too. Freshman quarterback Stephen Collier thinks the whole thing is "hilarious."

">January 12, 2015

While May probably disagrees, at this point, he's made his own bed. 

Last month, we saw Collier's teammate, Joey Bosa, tweeting about his desire to see Lou Holtz retire. If it were up to the Buckeyes, ESPN would have a new crew in 2015, apparently.