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Ohio State Remains No. 1 In Latest Coaches' Poll

Coaches Poll for top teams in college football.

There was nothing plain or ordinary about what happened Saturday. Once again, college football stole our hearts.

The top nine teams in the country were victorious, with Michigan State pulling out a last-second miracle in Ann Arbor against in-state rival Michigan. Alabama had a convincing win over Texas A&M, jumping Florida State to take the No. 8 spot. And Notre Dame found its way back into the top 10.

However, seven top-25 teams fell in defeat, shaking things up in the bottom half of the polls. Memphis had the biggest rise, jumping five spots to No. 17 after upsetting Ole Miss. And after losses, UCLA, Boise State and Northwestern dropped out of the poll altogether.

Here's this week's poll, via USA TODAY.

1. Ohio State
2. Baylor
3. TCU
4. Michigan State
5. LSU
6. Clemson
7. Utah
8. Alabama
9. FSU
10. Notre Dame
11. Stanford
12. Oklahoma State
13. Iowa
14. Florida
15. Oklahoma
16. Texas A&M
17. Memphis
18. Michigan
19. Cal
20. Toledo
21. Duke
22. Houston
23. Ole Miss
24. Temple
25. Georgia

Here's last week's poll. Did they get it right this time around, college football fans?