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Ohio State Students Are Sad About Gordon Gee's Retirement, Tweet Out Awesome Pictures Taken With Him

A pretty cool tribute.

Earlier today, the news broke that Ohio State president Gordon Gee will be retiring July 1st in the wake of the offensive comments he made regarding Notre Dame, the SEC, and others. While many offended people were probably pleased to hear this, the student body at Ohio State was not -- Gee was a very personable president, known for great relationships with students and an incredible knack for fundraising. Of course, he was known for his bow tie collection as well.

This afternoon students began to tweet out pictures of themselves with Gee as a sign of respect -- it really is evident how many lives he touched and how he will be missed. Here are a few good ones that we found:

Going to miss my buddy Gordon Gee…

— Daniel Waits (@danielwaits) June 4, 2013