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Video: Ohio Stadium Sings "Sweet Caroline" After OSU's Win Over Michigan

Watch Ohio State fans rush the field and sing Sweet Caroline after defeating the Michigan Wolverines in double overtime.

In beating the No. 3 Michigan Wolverines, 30-27, on Saturday, the No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes all but assured their spot in the College Football Playoff. The stakes were obviously incredibly high, and the fans were more than aware, so when the Buckeyes scored the game-winning touchdown pandemonium ensued.

Fans rushed the field immediately despite security trying to hold them back, and when the field was filled to the brim, the entire stadium of Buckeye fans began singing Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond in unison. It was awesome.

Check it out:

That's good stuff.

The funniest part are the two little circles of security in yellow jackets surrounding the goalposts. They've all but given up on trying to hold fans back from entering the field (a futile effort to begin with) so now they've resigned to just making sure that fans don't tear down the goalposts in celebration.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ohio State fans are still partying.