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Ohio State Will Start Having A Friday Night Game Some Seasons

Friday night games are coming to Ohio State.

Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch is reporting, via Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, that the Buckeyes will start hosting a Friday night game once a season some years.

The Big Ten's new TV deal with ABC/ESPN and FOX includes six Friday night games starting in 2017.

Ohio State anticipates hosting one Friday night contest every three seasons, Smith says.

From The Dispatch:

Ohio State will host one of the Friday night games only on a weekend when the school is on its brief fall semester break in mid-October, Smith said. Next year the Buckeyes have an away game on that weekend, as Smith pointed out. But he wasn’t sure whether an OSU away game might be tapped as one of the six in 2017.

“We will participate in hosting one (Friday night) game once every three years,” Smith said.

Ohio is a massive high school football state, with the majority of those games being played on Friday nights, but the Buckeyes clearly reign supreme in Central Ohio.

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