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Ohio State's Cardale Jones Claims He's Transferring To Akron, Then Claims "May Fools"

Cardale Jones says thank you to OSU in joke on twitter for "May fools".

Cardale Jones May Fools 5

Typically, people use April 1st as the date to troll their friends with some kind of unbelievable joke. Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones apparently celebrates the holiday a month late. Friday, Jones took to Twitter to claim that he is transferring to Akron after a "rough decision" on his part.

After a few minutes, he came clean, joking that he'd pulled a "May Fools" joke on everyone.

Jones tried to sell the joke hard, even changing his Twitter bio and background page to reflect his new team.

Cardale Jones makes joke about transferring to Akron on Twitter.

Cardale Jones May Fools 4

Jones is probably the frontrunner for the starting job at Ohio State, so this would have been a shocker. Instead, it was merely some Friday afternoon entertainment.