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Ohio State's Darron Lee Appreciated Daniel Tosh's Alabama Ripping Last Night

The most common gripe with the first College Football Playoff rankings is definitely that Alabama (7-1) came in at No. 4, ahead of multiple undefeated Power 5 teams and Florida, which also has one loss but demolished the team (Ole Miss) that beat the Crimson Tide. 

Comedy Central's Daniel Tosh had some fun with the Crimson Tide last night, making a joke about Nick Saban's team. "Maybe if Alabama loses three games this season they won’t make the playoffs," he tweeted. "The committee clearly factored in strength of hype."

Ohio State star linebacker Darron Lee appreciated Tosh's comments. 

Darron Lee tweets Check and Mate.


There's a certain Alabama offensive coordinator who has a strong resemblance to Tosh, too. Lee noticed it. 

We would like to see an Ohio State-Alabama rematch in the College Football Playoff, please.