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Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott Gave His 'Gold Pants' Charm To His Mother

Ohio State fans and players will tell you - the more pairs of 'gold pants' you acquire in your career in Columbus, the better. The gold trinket, originally given outback in 1934 after the Buckeyes defeated arch-rival Michigan 34-0, has become an important symbol for the program. With every defeat of the Wolverines, players and coaches receive another charm to wear around their necks. Or, as you'll see below, players can give them to loved ones.

Ezekiel Elliott, sophomore running back, gifted his recently-acquired 'gold pants' trinket to his mother. As you can see from her tweet, she's expecting three more to round out her necklace.

">July 4, 2014

It's pretty cool to see a player recognizing a parent in such a way. Props to Elliott.