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Ohio State's Michael Thomas Predicted Bradley Roby Would Win Denver Today's AFC Title Game

If for some reason Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas doesn't make a career out of football, it appears he may have one in fortune telling. 

Not only did Thomas (correctly) predict the Buckeyes would win the first ever College Football Playoff in August of 2014, but he also predicted former Buckeyes defensive back and current Denver Bronco Bradley Roby would win the game for the Broncos Sunday against the Patriots. And once again, he was spot on. 

">May 21, 2015

">@BradRoby_1 change the game today #shhhh

— Mike Thomas (@Cantguardmike)

If I had to take a guess I bet @BradRoby_1 change the game today ?? #shhhh

— Michael Thomas (@Cantguardmike) January 24, 2016

">January 24, 2016

With the Patriots down by two and inside the five-yard line with just 12 seconds left, Roby picked off Tom Brady to seal the victory for the Broncos, earning them a trip to the Super Bowl. 

Pretty incredible.

[Elika Sadeghi]