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Orlando Sentinel Columnist On Florida State's Jimbo Fisher: "Please Don't Turn Into Urban Meyer"

Mike Bianchi, a sports columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, has been critical of Urban Meyer ever since the former Florida coach opted to come out of retirement to lead the Ohio State football program.

Bleacher Report's Ben Axelrod has a good summary of the beef. 

The critical takes haven't stopped coming. 

Bianchi wrote a short column published Friday that discussed Florida State football's off-the-field issues. Meyer, a two-time national champion at Florida, had similar issues with his players while in Gainesville. In the column, Bianchi begged Fisher to not allow his legacy to "disintegrate into that of former Florida coach Urban Meyer."

Memo to Jimbo: Please don't allow your legacy to disintegrate into that of former Florida coach Urban Meyer — a coach who won national championships on the field but lost a ton of respect by the way his players behaved off it.

A championship football team is supposed to enhance the reputation of the university; not detract from it.

In this column, the comparison is somewhat appropriate. Both coaches lead - or, led - two of the most prominent college football programs in the state of Florida. Both coaches achieved great success on the field. And both coaches had some problems with their players staying out of trouble. 

But there's still just a little too much hate spewing from that keyboard of his. 

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