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OSU Mo Bros: Buckeyes Participating in Movember

OSU Men's Hockey channels the power of mustaches.

This month, the Ohio State Men’s Hockey team will be the best looking squad on campus. The players may not compile the best overall record or record jaw-dropping stats, but the growth on their upper lip will undoubtedly garner some attention.

While the layman might believe the Buckeyes have hopped on the no-shave November bandwagon, the truth is that these distinguished gentlemen are growing their mustaches for a much greater cause: Movember.

According to the official site, Movember is a “moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for prostate cancer.” In other words, it’s the most masculine (and best-looking) way to do a charitable deed.

Each week, the team will upload pictures to its official site, showing of the players’ progress in their pursuit of heightened prostate cancer awareness. The team has also posted a link for those wishing to make donations to the cause in the name of Ohio State Men’s Hockey.

Earlier in the month, ESPN anchor John Buccigross showed his support of Ohio State’s efforts by tweeting a picture of himself wearing the Buckeyes’ Movember T-shirt.

Director of Hockey Operations for the OSU Knucklebucks Andrew Schwepfinger said the shirts were produced by the school’s athletic administration though the Buckeyes’ official cheering squad was given 400 of them to distribute to students throughout the month.

Those wishing to join their fellow Mo-Bros and join the fight against prostate cancer can register now at the official Movember site.