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OSU Players Are Split On Whether LB Joe Burger Will Throw A 1st Pitch Strike At Tonight's Reds Game

Ohio State Joe Berger

Ohio State Joe Berger

Before the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates play ball tonight, two Ohio State football players, linebacker Joe Burger and defensive lineman Adolphus Washington, will throw out the first pitch. Roughly 50 players are expected to attend, but Burger and Washington get the first pitch honors since they are from the Cincinnati area.

According to Burger, his fellow linebackers are torn on whether or not he'll throw a strike this evening. He posted this picture on his Twitter account as proof of the divide. 

">@CoachFick thinks I'll

— Joe Burger (@jburgs37)

Official list of who thinks I'm gonna fail and succeed in the linebacker room. @CoachFick thinks I'll

— Joe Burger (@jburgs37) April 8, 2015

">April 8, 2015

Coach Fick is Luke Fickell, OSU's defensive coordinator and linebackers coach. Linebacker Raekwon McMillan wants everyone to know he doesn't have much faith in Burger.

">April 8, 2015

As long as Burger's effort is better than former Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory's was on Opening Day 2007, he'll come out fine.