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#OSUProblems: Why Am I Sitting In The Upper Bowl?

I'm a senior!

Words can't express the excitement I had for this college football season at Ohio State. However, that excitement was instantly annihilated when I saw my student tickets.

After three years of being enrolled at Ohio State and watching games from the South stands with my fellow idiot student friends, my great university decided to move my friends and I to the North end of the stadium-- and up to the upper bowl. For those that don't know, that really sucks.

I talked to a freshman at a party a few weeks back. She told me she was in a group of about six people and they were seated in the South stands. Fantastic! It's not frustrating knowing that six freshmen have better seats than you. After more questioning, I seemed to have solved the dilemma. I only bought the four Big Ten home games, whereas this freshman had purchased all eight home games for the season. Now I see how this works.

It would have been nice to have some warning, Ohio State. "WARNING: Only buying half of these tickets will result in you receiving crappy seats, regardless if you're a senior or a 14 year old who is early-enrolled." Maybe something like that was written somewhere and I missed it. But I doubt it, because this is the kind of thing that happens at Ohio State. Now we're going to have kids in the South stands who think they should be screaming their freshmen hearts out while Braxton Miller is trying to call an audible.

But maybe it's my fault. Well, obviously it IS my fault. I should have bought all eight tickets. What was I thinking passing on such amazing games like Miami (OH), UCF, and UAB!? I can't believe I missed out on those memorable Saturdays in the Shoe. I should have definitely coughed up the extra $150 for those games, instead of realizing that I would only be there for a half and that it would just be a waste of money. I'm sorry, Ohio State, it's my fault. As a college student, I have so much extra money to toss around that I should have just paid you guys so then I could be treated fairly.

If you want to talk with me, I'll be in section 9C, with my binoculars.