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OSU's Taylor Decker, President Obama Had A Confusing Exchange About The Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks

Before he became President, Barack Obama enjoyed a stint in the Illinois Senate and later the United States Senate as a representative of Illinois. He's made it known that he's a supporter of Chicago sports teams, including the Bulls. 

The Bulls are currently squaring off with the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Chicago won Game 1 on Saturday, and hosts the Bucks in Game 2 tonight. The post-season match-up between these two Midwestern franchises led to an amusing and confusing exchange between Ohio State offensive lineman Taylor Decker and Obama at today's White House celebration for the Buckeyes' national championship team. 

Of course, Obama was referencing Derrick Rose, Chicago's brilliant point guard who has finally returned to the court from an injury. But did the POTUS think Decker was trolling him about his NBA allegiances, or did he know what he meant and was only joking? These are the important questions that we'll likely never know the answers to.