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ESPN's Paul Finebaum Declares Big Ten "Best Conference In The Country"

This statement regarding the Big Ten from ESPN's Paul Finebaum is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Paul Finebaum, ESPN's noted SEC enthusiast, declared the Big Ten the best conference in college football this season, as of now. He did it during an appearance on ESPN's College Football Live.

"Right now, repeat after me, read my lips: the Big Ten is the best conference in college football," Finebaum said.

Host Chris Cotter, and guest Marcus Spears were both obviously surprised. If you need visual proof of what Finebaum said, watch the video below.

Spears disagreed with Finebaum, saying Ole Miss and Texas A&M are capable of beating any team in the Big Ten, just as those Big Ten teams are capable of beating them.

Remember, Finebaum did say the results right now favor the Big Ten, and didn't say it was finalized. Still, hearing this from him is pretty jarring.