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Photo: A Desmond Howard Sign Was Defaced At A Store In Columbus

The Ohio State and Michigan football programs both appear to be a little down this season, but the rivalry between the two schools clearly isn't. 

The Buckeyes and Wolverines, who lost their first games of the year last weekend to Virginia Tech and Notre Dame, respectively, don't play until the end of November. The detest shared by the fan bases is showcased every month of the year, though, as most recently proven by one scarlet and gray faithful. 

A Desmond Howard sign put up in a store in Columbus is not looking so good. 

">@DesmondHoward is as popular as ever in Columbus.

— Sam Obermyer (@samober)

.@DesmondHoward is as popular as ever in Columbus.

— Sam Obermyer (@samober) September 11, 2014

">September 11, 2014

Vandalism, clearly, is something that shouldn't be tolerated, but who thought it was a good idea to put up a sign featuring a Michigan Heisman winner in a store visited by mostly Buckeye fans? 

Ohio State and Michigan meet in Columbus Nov. 29.