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Photo: Cardale Jones Calls Out "SportsCenter" For Not Including Ohio State In #NationalKissingDay Collage

Today is National Kissing Day. 

In honor of the holiday, ESPN's SportsCenter Twitter account tweeted out a photo collage of the four professional sports trophies being kissed by their winners. "Professional sports" is the key phrase there, as no college sports trophies/victors were included. 

Still, it upset Cardale Jones that the photo of himself kissing the College Football Playoff trophy was left out of the photo collage. So he called out SportsCenter.

">June 19, 2015

">@SportsCenter don't forget about OSU, Happy

— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_) June 19, 2015

And, since he's national champion-winning quarterback Cardale Jones, SportsCenter had to apologize for their "mistake."

">June 19, 2015

Cardale Jones is a very powerful young man.