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Photo: Cardale Jones' Graduation Cap Is Amazing

Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones is graduating today.

You might remember Cardale Jones' infamous "We ain't come to play school" tweet from October 2012. The then-Ohio State freshman took plenty of heat for it at the time, but it is clear his attitude toward academics has changed over the years.

Jones is graduating from Ohio State today, and he even poked fun at his old self this week. Also, his graduation cap for today's ceremony is tremendous.

Grads typically put messages on their caps, and they range from the inspirational to the whimsical. Jones' reads "Sum 1 ONCE SAID 'We Ain't Come Here To Play School.'"

That is fantastic work by Jones, who earned his degree in African and African-American Studies.

The current Buffalo Bills quarterback is now the first member of his family to graduate college, and he adds another accomplishment to his already lengthy resume.

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