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Photo: ESPN's Desmond Howard Says BYU Would 'Of Course' Be The Favorite In The Big Ten

The Big Ten has had what some would call a catastrophic start to the 2014 season, losing nearly all of its marquee non-conference match-ups. 

Wisconsin collapsed against LSU, Michigan State lost to Oregon, Michigan was blown out by Notre Dame, and Ohio State was upset by Virginia Tech. Even the conference's victories can look bad, with Nebraska and Iowa slipping past severely inferior opponents. 

Brigham Young, meanwhile, has looked great, starting the season 3-0 with victories against Connecticut, Texas, and Houston. Quarterback Taysom Hill has emerged as a potential Heisman dark horse, throwing for 600-plus yards and rushing for 356 through three contests. 

If BYU was in the Big Ten, would they be the favorite to win the conference? ESPN's Desmond Howard says "of course." 

">September 12, 2014

While BYU has looked impressive during the first three weeks, it seems a little crazy to say that the Cougars would "of course" be the conference's favorite. Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska all seem to possess fairly elite talent, despite the flaws shown thus far. 

What say you, Big Ten fans?