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Photo: Ohio State And Louisville Have Locker Room Reminders That Drugs, Stealing, And Guns Are Bad

Seems easy to follow.

Plenty of college teams across the country have their program's core values mounted on locker room walls. Typically you'll see words like "integrity" or "character", but Ohio State spells things out a little more specifically. The Buckeyes have giant reminders painted on the walls such as "treat women with respect" and "No Drugs."

Here's a picture:

The Louisville football team also has an interesting set of core values that play off of OSU's values (head coach Charlie Strong worked under Urban Meyer, so it makes sense that he took a leaf of out Meyer's playbook). The Cardinals' core values start with "honesty" and end with "no guns".

We're just surprised that Ohio State doesn't list "Pay For Tattoos."

[For The Win