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Photo: Ohio State Fans Spell Out O-H-I-O Using Column From Temple Of Olympian Zeus

family spells out O-H-I-O with arms and the Olympian Temple of Zeus.

O-H-I-O Temple

It seems that Ohio State fans, wherever they are in the world, always try to find ways to take photos of themselves spelling out O-H-I-O in creative ways. A group of Buckeyes supporters who are traveling in Greece made great use of one of the country's most historic landmarks Wednesday. An OSU fan named Robert Patton posted a photo of he and his friends using a column from the Temple of Olympian Zeus, located in Athens near the Parthenon, as the "I" in their gesture. Check it out:

">June 10, 2015

Do you think that this now means the country of Greece doesn't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan?