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Photo: Ohio State Fans Support A Four Year Extension For Brady Hoke At Michigan

While nothing has been officially decided, we're going to go ahead and assume that Brady Hoke will not be Michigan's head coach in 2015. Hoke's tenure in Ann Arbor has gone very poorly, but he is not completely without support. As you can imagine, Ohio State fans are all for Brady Hoke getting some more time at Michigan, for obvious reasons. Urban Meyer's Buckeyes are 34-3 during his time at Ohio State. Brady Hoke's Michigan team is 20-17 in that span. 

The Ohio State campus has been going through a bit of a transformation this week, with all letter 'm's being taped over. OSU fans are also taking the game week opportunity to stump for Hoke, their favorite Wolverine head coach.


— Eddie Rein (@OvertheRein12)

This ad was paid for by Urban *eyer supporters

— Eddie Rein (@OvertheRein12) November 25, 2014

">November 25, 2014

As with most things, we assume that virtually all Michigan fans disagree.